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Titles and Skills:

Communicating Labour Market Value to Students and Employers.

Friday 18th June, 12.00pm

How do students identify the courses that will best prepare them for the jobs they want to do?

How do employers identify and target the graduates with the right skills?

The key to both these questions lies in communication: communicating what is of value.

Recruiting strongly and supporting students in achieving strong outcomes in the labour market can be joined up in marketing strategy that communicates that connection between the course and destinations clearly.

In this webinar, we will look at how courses are described to prospective students and how that aligns with destinations in the labour market. The sector’s focus has traditionally been on course titles, but how well defined are they in marketing communications? What parallels and distinctions can we draw from the way jobs are described in the communications that will be targeted at your graduates as they enter the workplace?

Presented by Richard Hewitt, Emsi UK’s Director, Higher Education