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Free Webinar

Covid Response and Recovery Positioning Your College as a Local Leader

Thursday 30 July, 10.00am

The full extent of the impact of lockdown is starting to become clearer. As local communities find themselves with thousands of people in their area being made unemployed, local response and recovery will be central to the thinking of most FE providers.
For this webinar we are joined by Tom Lowe, Director of Membership & External Relations at Collab Group.
The Collab Group is currently undertaking a piece of work looking at how colleges can support the economic recovery efforts. Tom will recap and share his thoughts on some of the key challenges and policy updates which face the FE Sector. We will then look into the most useful data to help you lead your local community through and out of the current labour market upheaval, answering important questions such as:
  • Which jobs and industries have been most affected?
  • What the data is starting to tell us about the next phase of the crisis?
  • How to identify areas of risk + opportunity within your local labour market to inform your reskilling course planning?