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Emsi Webinar Series

Rebuilding Your Local Economy After a Year of Disruption

After a year of unprecedented disruption, questions of how your local economy has been affected, what are its strengths and opportunities, and where employer demand is re-emerging require careful answers. We are holding a series of three webinars to address these questions, each of which is free to join, and will include a limited number of 30 minute follow-up consultations tailored to your area.

Monday 24th May, 11am: Understanding local disruption.
We’ll show you how you can use data to determine which local occupations have been hit the hardest, how impact has tracked over time, and how you can use this insight to identify priorities for targeted interventions.

Tuesday 1st June, 11am: Identifying local sector strengths.
Every area has unique economic strengths, and in this webinar we’ll show you how you can identify these underlying trends, and how you can spot which sectors.

Tuesday 8th June, 11am: Re-emerging demand
In this final webinar, we’ll demonstrate how recovery can be tracked in real-time using skills demand and recruitment trends, and we’ll highlight emerging trends such as the growth in “Green jobs”.

Register for all three of these webinars by clicking the submit button. If you can’t make it to some of the webinars we will send you the recording afterwards.