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 Free Webinar

'Putting Skills at the Heart of Economic Recovery in Your Region'

Thursday 18th March, 11.00am

In our previous webinars, we focused on what happened to the labour market in 2020, and what has being happening during Lockdown 3.0. But what of the future, and particularly the need to drive recovery? In this webinar, we’ll be looking at some of the early signs of recovery, including:

  • Which sectors, occupations and skills are driving recovery
  • Are some parts of the country recovering faster than others?
  • Where are there mismatches between supply and demand?

 We’ll also be introducing you to an exciting new prototype tool we’ve developed, which helps define the “skill shape” of a person based on their work history, matches this to available jobs, and identifies skills gaps that may need to be filled by appropriate training.

Presented by Andy Durman, MD Emsi UK & Duncan Brown, Senior Economist, Emsi UK