End of Year Webinar

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'Looking back on a turbulent year for the UK Labour Market'

Friday 11th December, 10.00am

The word turbulent may well be an understatement when considering the state of the economy in 2020. The near shutdown of whole industries for months; the furlough of millions of workers; the changes in working practices for millions of people; the huge number of redundancies; and the news that we are likely to enter the deepest recession since the early 18th Century.

In this End of Year webinar, we look back on the last 12 months and ask:

  • What are the major trends we have seen at the national and local level?

  • Which sectors, jobs and skills have been most and least affected?

How are things shaping up for 2021?

Join us as our Managing Director, Andy Durman, and Senior Economist, Duncan Brown, look at the data and insights that tell the story of the UK labour market in 2020.