UK Labour Market Puzzle 2nd Webinar Header

Solving the Labour Market Puzzle: How should employers and training providers respond?
In the first part of this two-part webinar series, we looked at some of the effects that have been emerging from the disruption since the start of the Covid crisis. In particular, we drew attention to the labour market puzzle that has emerged, whereby a strong resurgence in employer demand is not being met by a ready supply of candidates for the positions being offered. In this second part, we will be delving into a few key sectors in order to glean some more insights into what is causing this puzzle, and we’ll finish up with a discussion on what this means for both employers and training providers, and how they might respond successfully to the situation.

With Andy Durman, EVP, Global Emsi Burning Glass, David Allison, CEO & Co-Founder, GetMyFirstJob, and Duncan Brown, VP Global Innovation, Emsi Burning Glass.