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 Free Webinar 

'Is your curriculum ready to meet the needs of your community in 2021?'

Wednesday 20th January, 2.00pm

The effects of the 2020 crisis have been profound and will shape local economies through 2021 and beyond. Together with the coming Post-16 White Paper, which is expected to set out a vision putting colleges at the heart of local skills challenges, there are a number of big questions your college will need to answer in order to successfully rise to the coming challenges:

  • What effect has the disruption had on our local economy?

  • How well does our current provision reflect the huge changes in employer demand?

  • Can we identify curriculum areas which need adapting to better reflect local needs?

These are not easy questions so join us for this webinar, where we’ll be talking through how our FE Analyst data tool can help you get the answers you need.