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 Free Webinar

'The changing demand for skills over the past year and beyond.'

Wednesday 28th April, 2.00pm

It would be an understatement to say that the last year has been unique in terms of the economy. Not only have we seen vast swathes of the labour market switched off – particularly Hospitality and High Street Retail –, but we have also seen demand in other parts increase dramatically – especially Health, Biotechnology, and Online Retail. But can we put some more granular data to these statements to show more specifically which skills have been driving demand, which have dropped off, and which are beginning to emerge to perhaps be the drivers of recovery?In this latest strategic webinar from Emsi UK, we’ll be doing just this, using our data to examine some of those trends and ask where things seem to be heading, particularly in terms of skills growth.

Presented by Andy Durman, MD Emsi UK & Duncan Brown, Senior Economist, Emsi UK