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Free Webinar

Covid Response and Recovery


'Assessing the effects of economic disruption in your area.'

Tuesday 29 September, 2.00pm

“What’s going on in our local economy?” is a question we are hearing from colleges across the country. Hardly surprising, given the level of disruption that is occurring, but can we actually get answers to this question, which can then feed into a strategic response?
The answer is yes, and in this webinar, we’ll be walking you through a new report we have developed, which will give you answers to the following crucial questions:
  • What are the immediate impacts on our area’s labour market?
  • How exposed are our local industries to disruption and potential unemployment?
  • Which jobs in our are most at risk and where are we starting to see growth?
Join our Director of Further Education, John Gray, and our Director of Sales, Anthony Horne, as they show you how we can help you get to grips with the economic disruption in your area.